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CLON8's innovative clothes are purposely designed to be versatile; they can be adapted to create different and fresh looks, as we want women to be able to express their moods, their impulses, their spontaneity.
The black clothes are highly functional and suit all seasons and occasions, due to their inbuilt ingenuity.
Today's CLON8 Girl is Angelina!
Age: 23
From: Kharkov, Ukraine
Angelina was born in Kharkov, Ukraine and move to London on her own at the age of 15.

Angelina finished high school in London and began her studies in Fine Art at Central Saint Martins, specializing in sculpture. After her first year at uni she changed her area of expertise to Graphic Design and went to Chelsea College of Art & Design.  Angelina graduated with a 1st class diploma. For her graduate work she designed world's first VR headset from mushroom material.

Today Angelina is working as a Creative Lead @ INITION - a London based experiential agency specializing in immersive technologies for creative story-telling such as Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Interactive Installations, Internet of Things and much more.

What is your ideal state being? - Being myself
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