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She said: “I’ll just have water
from now on”
hence through the glass,
all she could see
was pink liquid.
Clon8 Universe

The only thing

She couldn’t quit was tobacco

And at this thought

The plastic pen was crashing

In between her long, white teeth.


When I was with her,

Solemnly felt-

Perish! - the sense of awe.

I always dashed

To open windows and the door

Cause cynic was the leaking air.
Clon8 Universe

My neck was cracking

Pulling back

And tears lingered on my eyelash;

She knew she would

Tear herself to pieces

Just to be everywhere

And every when.



Clon8 Universe



My deepest fears came from her mouth

In forms of words;

The darkest, bleeding sounds.

A female toddler on the shore.




By  Angelika Lzrk / Soartsythesedays



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